Research Team

Filipe Alberto, PI

Gabriel Montecinos, Research Intern

Shanice Piango, PhD student

Jessica Silvaggi, UWMRF Director of Technology Commercialization

Rachael Wade, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sergey Nuzhdin, co-PI

Gary Molano, PhD candidate

Jose Diesel, PhD candidate

Kelly DeWeese, PhD student

Melissa Osborne, PhD student

Anupam Singh, PhD candidate

Dan Reed, co-PI

Bob Miller, co-PI

Jacob Ogawa, Laboratory Technician

Christie Yorke, Postdoctoral Researcher

Marc Von Keitz, MARINER program director

David Lee, POC

Partnerships & Facilities

Santa Barbara Mariculture and their President Bernard Friedman have been instrumental in our success with the logistical and permitting support required to get strains of giant kelp in the water.